Bride Guide


The Aesthetics Spa Guide for Brides <3

These are the services Aesthetics Spa mostly recommends for your bridal needs. Services can be created into a customized package by choosing at least 5 services.

Please call us ahead with the services desired, the dates and times needed. We will do our best to help you schedule stress free!

e. We would love to pamper you on your big day!

Before the Wedding:


The Oxygen Treatment: The ultimate ANTI- AGING & REJUVENATION treatment! Includes: Cleanse, Dermaplane, Enzyme Exfoliation, Facial/Shoulder Relaxation Massage, Oxygen Masque, Soothing or Custom Masque, Tone, Moisturize. This treatment is our most popular and has the fastest results. It will leave you with a beautiful glow and smooth skin for perfect makeup application on your big day! We recommend 3-6 monthly treatments before your wedding for best results. *most faces can expect redness after, some may be red longer than others*

-Add PhotoRejuvenation PhotoRejuvenation LED light therapy or Rezenerate add on for even more amazing results!

The Rezenerate Treatment: Rezenerate is very similar to micro-needling except much less invasive, no pain, and no downtime. In this treatment you will receive: Cleanse, Dermaplane, Rezenerate with a serum cocktail customized your skin needs, and a cool soothing masque. Rezenerate acts as a catalyst, assisting the products and serums we already use on our clients’ various skin issues. While the modality itself does not diagnose or treat any medical condition nor affect the structure or function of the body, it does assist skin care professionals by allowing for increased efficacy of the products we currently use. Whether your facial is targeting blemishes, fine lines, uneven skin tone, etc., using the Rezenerate System will give the short and long term improvements you seek. Skin care professionals across the country are raving about their never before seen results! Ask your Esthetician about “add-on” pricing. We recommend 3-6 monthly treatments before your wedding for best results.

Indulgence Facial: Customized just like our other skin treatments, this facial is one for brides who want a full hour of just relaxation. This treatment will help you de-stress while enjoying great skincare results. After cleansing, we will apply the appropriate enzyme for your skin type with steam. During that, you will receive a luxurious hand and arm massage and slipped into warm mitts. Then, facial massage and a custom masque to follow. While the masque sits we will massage your feet and shoulders/décolleté.
Men’s Facial– Completely customized! We will cleanse, exfoliate with an enzyme peel & steam, apply high frequency to kill bacteria, relaxation facial massage, and top it off with a custom masque. Ask about our glucana kit or mens kit for mens home skincare!


Norvell Sunless Tanning: Created with a natural DHA, Norvell provides flawless results for a broad spectrum of skin shades and types. No matter who you are, you are just moments away from the tan you desire. Guarantees a fast drying, non-sticky and streak-free formula. You may not realize how important these three things are until you try a product that doesn’t have them. Perfectly blended formulas crush the competition and eliminate the worry of looking orange. Meticulously crafted utilizing color theory, Norvell solutions provide Just off the Beach™ color without the typical tanning salon odor. With Norvell, and proper maintenance, you can expect 5-7 days of a gorgeous glow and an even color fade. It’s patented blend of DHA and cosmetic bronzers found only in Norvell Professional Products, result in Just off the Beach Color… EveryTime. Aesthetics Spa suggests getting a spray tan two weeks before the wedding and another two days before your wedding for perfect results.


Dip Powder Manicure: Acrylic Services Reinvented. Faster, Easier & Odor-Free, OPI’s dipping powders are a quick applying, odor-free acrylic alternative that promotes a clean-air environment while offering gel-like shine & weeks of wear without the need to light cure. Add tips to add length
OPI Gel Manicure: With OPI GelColor offering 3 weeks of intense wear and shine, you’ll never have nail problems again.
Pedicures: We offer Basic, Custom, and Deluxe pedicures to make sure your toes are perfectly polished!


Aesthetics Spa offers multiple facial hair removal services as well as bikini and underarms.


Lash Lift & Tint: An easy alternative to extensions or perming, Lash Lifting adds lift to natural lashes 24/7 for 6-8 weeks, creating the illusion of longer, fuller lashes! Perfect for straight lashes, hooded or mature, or clients who want a break from daily curling. Tint them for darker lashes. We do offer lash extensions but we like to make sure brides keep in mind that they do take upkeep and are hard as a one time service.

Day of the Wedding:

Makeup: Most brides are happy with our mineral makeup coverage and healthy look. It isn’t too heavy nor does it settle in fine lines like other mineral makeups. Aesthetics Spa also offers airbrush makeup done by Madison. Strip lashes are available as well and highly recommended to create the best look.

Formal Hairstyling: Hair pricing varies depending what style you and your bridal party chooses.

Chair Massage: We offer chair massage for the bride, groom, and bridal party for the day of the wedding. You can receive this while prepping for the wedding to take the edge off and have a few minutes to de-stress.

Aesthetics Spa offers discounted pricing on Wedding services for parties over 5 people. Please call 6-8 months in advance to book your wedding day bridal party services to ensure we have the date and times needed. You may bring your own adult beverages if you are getting services done in the spa, we have wine glasses to accommodate. 

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  1. If you hair easily falls out, do not wash it on the day of the wedding. This will ensure it stays better.
  2. Keep a small can of hairspray, bobby pins, concealer, & lash glue with you for before and after the ceremony. aka “Wedding Touch-up kit”
  3. Have your lip shade/product with you for your makeup appointment. This makes sure that you have the perfect lip color and you can reapply it later in the day if needed.
  4. Schedule all beauty appointments ahead of time to look the best on your big day
  5. Schedule a trial run of the “day-of” services so you know you are 100% happy