Oxygen Treatment

The Oxygen Treatment


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Benefits —

  • Oxygen skincare based on research, that stable oxygen and  increases skin cell metabolism. All cells require Oxygen which consists of two atoms bound together by a stable bond, this cannot be confused with unstable Oxygen. Unstable Oxygen is known as free radicals, the most common ones are single atoms, which are unstable due to unpaired electrons.
  • Free radicals react readily in a chemical process called OXIDATION. Cell membranes are most vulnerable to this type of damage, to avoid chemical process it needs to be neutralized by antioxidants or trapped by Spin Traps which reverses the dangerous spinning of the free radicals.
  • Skin needs Oxygen to survive, reproduce and regenerate, in younger skin this process is very efficient, but as we age the micro capillaries degenerate the skin doesn’t receive the nourishment it needs. As a result, the metabolism in the skin cells slow down, collagen and elastin content drops, fine lines, discoloration and wrinkles appear, skin aging speeds up.
    Sun exposure, air pollution, extreme hot and cold, diet fluctuations, worry and stress, affect the skin conditions. Adding Oxygen Facials results in skin refreshing, skin health, naturally increased metabolic process such as repair and regeneration. The dull skin of a smoker will get a kick, hydration occurs leaving the skin plump