A.N.D. Skincare

A Natural Difference Skincare

We LOVE this skincare line. Its all Natural, made in the US, and it works! Take it from the owner of Aesthetics spa, she would like to share her testimony.

“When I was a junior in high school i had already decided to go into esthetics after graduation. Having that in mind, i decided to use (what i thought) was good skincare. Being in the small town of Mount Vernon we didn’t really have access to good professional skincare so i of course went to Walmart and got the best i could get there. For whatever reason, I thought this St. Ives green tea face wash, toner, and moisturizer was the best. I always had wonderful skin however, junior year going into senior year between hormones and these “good” products i realized something just wasn’t right. I developed grade 3 cystic acne around my mouth, chin, and jaw line. These areas i later learned are hormonal breakouts. I was so embarrassed. My mom tried proactive- which didn’t work and dried my skin out. I specifically remember a moment at school when this guy made so much fun of me I just wanted to leave school and never return. My self esteem already wasn’t great being a young girl but my skin just made me feel even more awful. We went to multiple dermatologist appointments. The problem with that was they only wanted to treat. That’s their job, not exactly to show you how to take care of your skin. Finally, I had graduated from high school and a month later I was off on my new journey to become an esthetician. I was still so nervous because i was going into this skin school with bad skin! After some time there I talked with an instructor about this issue and she told me to speak with a former graduate of the school who was having success with a certain skincare line. Yes, you guessed it, she was using A Natural Difference Skincare. She had much success with her own skin and her clients skin! I decided to give it a try. I started the acne kit (only $60 might i add for multiple products) and you wouldn’t believe how awesome it was! I would say 3 weeks and the breakouts were gone! I kept using them and slowly started using less and less of the acne products to train my skin to not need them. My next challenge was to fix any acne scaring left over. I then started using brightening products and doing oxygen treatments on my skin at home and it all worked wonders. Lesson learned that you can combat hormonal breakouts with good skincare. The products from Walmart were terrible for my skin and nowhere near the strength of my A.N.D products. I now use these products in treatments at the spa and always recommend them for home care. I also have become a Master Advanced Esthetician through this line and will always be dedicated to it. The beauty about being an esthetician is we teach our clients how to take care of their skin daily and monthly while also achieving great results. Nothing is better than helping someone feel beautiful in their own skin”